S P E C I A L   E F F E C T S

The Special Effects Department is service and equipment provider to both filmed productions and live events. Team consists mechanical special effects and pyrotechnics experts and provides productions with the best in special effects know-how inclusive of all safety standards & regulations.


Stunning explosions, body, blood and bullet hit effects provided by pyrotechnics experts using high technology and assuring the safety for all. Available for featured films, television, commercials and special events.

Atmospheric effects

​Team can supply a wide range of rain equipment from handheld rainheads to truck-mount monsoon spinners, large selection of fog, wind machines. Fog, rain, snow, smoke, water and wind effects for both interiors and exteriors.

Fire & flame effects

Complete on-site flame, smoke, haze, body burn and any fire effects implementation inclusive of all safety standards and fire regulations.

Mechanical effects

​​Production of well-engineered mechanical effects and custome built action equipment. Anything from a simple rotational move to a complex staged and repeatable moves of trucks, yachts, motorcysles, automobiles etc. Remote controlled actions.

Other effects

Upscaled or downscaled models, miniatures, action props, special effects for food or beverage commercials.​